The index  list of the word

In this there is a list of the words in Indonesian languages. We can use this to  learn Indonesian languages for basic. learn Indonesian basic for basic need more a lot of word to memorize. So we can reach our expectation to mastering Indonesian language skill.


Indonesian words consist of the alphabet. Indonesian words use latin alphabet. There is consonant and vocal . There is 26 Indonesian alphabet ( learn more about alphabet clik here). The Indonesian word mostly more than two or more alphabet. Each word consist of vocal and consonant.

Sahabatku Indonesia

This book used by foreign learner, specially for Thai learner who wants to learn Indonesian language for basic. for more (information or order book please click here)
There is 2017 word complete Indonesia -Thailand
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Indonesia - Thailand

Word List

This list of word base on the data from the book and many source to learn Indonesian basic. Please type your word in Indonesia or Thai language to find the translation.